Betway 4 to score – Cricket

Betway has a great game to play for cricket fans – 4 to score. This is a free game to play and is available on selected cricket matches, usually including India games and the IPL. You can win up to ₹1,00,000, although recently there has not been many winners.

All you need is a Betway account to play – If you do not already have one you can register one here.

If you are a new customer you will also be eligible for the Betway India welcome bonus of ₹2,500 and you will see details of this when you register.

How to Play 4 to Score

Cricket betting competition from Betway

Once on the Betway site navigate to the 4 to score section – it is usually on the banner on the home page when there are games on. Betway selects the games and it is at their discretion when games are being played.

Step by step guide

  1. Navigate to the 4 to score page
  2. Tap/ click the “Play for free” button
  3. Make your selection for the top batsman and top bowler from the 2 selected games
  4. Tap/ click the green submit button to confirm your entry

If you do not want to select your own players there is a random option where you can let Betway pick them for you. We think you’d be betting looking at the latest cricket stats and then making your selections than doing this.

Betway 4 to score cricket competition

Once selected you can log back in and check how you are doing. You can also see the latest results and upcoming matches in the same tab you play from. Select the tab for “results” and you can see all the previous rounds and if there were any winners. When someone wins the jackpot the prize is reduced so please check the site for the latest matches and prize amount.

The 4-to-score offer usually runs during major events such as the IPL and the Big Bash. These are popular betting events and have regular matches allowing the jackpot to build up. We have seen it is very tricky to pick the right batsman and bowlers, despite it looking easy to do on the surface.

Terms and Conditions

As always with these offers, there are numerous terms and conditions to follow. You need to make sure that you do to get the offer correctly.

These are some simple ones as a guide.

  • You must be a registered player in India. This is only available to Indian customers, elsewhere in the world they have other offers on football.
  • You must have submitted your selections before the first bowl is bowled in the match or you ill be disqualified
  • Only ONE per customer, if you attempt to submit more than one you again will be disqualified
  • If there is more than one winner than the prize money will be split equally between the winners
  • If 2 batsman get the same number of runs then Betway will use the strike rate to decide the top batsman
  • To get your winnings you must have a valid depositing method and have sent Betway the required documents

There are numerous other terms and conditions and these can be found on the Betway site. We’d advise having a rad over them before placing your selections to make sure your selections qualify and that you’d be able to withdraw the money!

How do you know if you’ve won?

The all-important question! If you are a winner Betway will contact you within 72 hours of the win by text, phone call & e-mail. You have to respond in 7 days in order to claim your prize or you’ll have missed out.

Overall we think the Betway 4 to score is a great offer for cricket fans – who doesn’t love a free to play game where you can win money!

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