There’s 1 way to understand how to bet in India. Follow the Cricketics ultimate guide

When considering how to bet in India it would be wise of us to take things back to the beginning to look at the processes involved.

Gambling has been around in one form or another for thousands of centuries.


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How to register with an online betting site.

How to deposit funds into your account.

How to Place your first bet.

Sports betting guide.

How to place your first bet [India only]

Here we will guide you through step by step on how to register and place a bet. For this example we are using 10Cric, they are an Indian only betting site who have an excellent platform to bet on. They have the widest choice of depositing options and in our opinion, are the easiest site to bet on.

Step 1 – Register an online account

Once a bookmaker has been chosen, customers will need to create a new account with them. This is a very straightforward procedure where your personal details should be entered. This will include name, address, email address and it is where payment methods are selected. (We will explain payments later).

Many betting sites in India offer some sort of bonus for joining them, these can be used to essentially bet for free. If you do want to use any new customer bonus, be sure to check whether a ‘bonus/promo code’ is required upon registering. For 10Cric the current promo code is XXX. If you click or tap the link below you will get to the home page where we will start out guide.

Click here to visit 1o cric to register and claim your bonus

Once you have clicked the link you will land on the below page – Click on join now in the top right-hand corner. If you are on mobile the join now button will still be in the top right corner.

Register by clicking join in the top right

You will now open the 3 step registration process. The first page will look like this –

Start with your personal details

Here you need to add

  • First name
  • Second name
  • Date of birth
  • E-Mail

You may be asked for ID at a later stage so please ensure this information matches that on your ID accurately.

Once you have completed these hit next at the bottom to be taken to part 2 –

Now add your phone number and address

Here you need to add

  • Phone number
  • Full address

Then top next to get to the final part of registration –

Select a user name and password to complete your sign up

Here you have to enter a unique user name (it will tell you if someone already has that name). You also need to enter a password you can remember and finally confirm the CAPTCHA like usual. Once done, hit “Create my account” to complete the registration process. You will now be able to use your user name and password to log in.

Step 2 – Make your first deposit

To be able to place bets, customers need to make sure they have sufficient funds in their betting account first. This is known as the deposit. The deposit can be made from various methods and transferred to your betting account almost instantly in most cases.

Popular depositing options

  • IMS Bank transfer
  • E-Wallets such, as Netteler or Skrill
  • Prepaid cards
  • Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin

Once you are registered and logged in hit deposit, again near the top right to make your first deposit into your account.

You will be greeted by the following pop up. The first thing you will need to do is select the payment method you would like to use –

Select a depositng option

For this example, we have chosen the fast bank transfer. You can deposit funds this way from mobile banking and we think it is the easiest way to deposit in India. 10Cric is one of only a couple of bookmakers with this option.

Here you will need to add the following to complete the deposit

  • The amount you wish to deposit
  • Email and phone number (usually it’s automatically populated)
  • Where you want to deposit too (Sports betting or casino)
  • Bonus code where applicable (Use WELCOME on your first deposit)

Then when you are happy, tap the green deposit button at the bottom to confirm.

Add the amount and bonus code and tap to confirm your deposit

You will then get the instructions on how to make the bank transfer and get the funds and bonus funds into your account. If you choose a different option then the details for this will come up confirming how to finalise the moving of funds to your account.

Step 3 – Place your first bet

This can be a daunting prospect at first. Once we have registered and deposited we now need to find something to bet on! For this example, we will assume we want to place a bet on the ever-popular IPL winners market. We’ve had a look over the IPL tournament stats and we have decided we want to bet on the Mumbai Indians to win the IPL again this year!

From the home page of the site go to cricket on the left-hand menu – on mobile, this will be under the 3 line menu in the top right-hand corner.

Select cricket on the home page

This will load the cricket home page. Here you will find all the cricket markets for the games that are currently on as well as upcoming tournaments. Here we want to tap or click on the IPL as shown below –

Then select the IPL to get to th right market

This loads the IPL winners market first and we can see all the teams and their odds. To select the Mumbai Indians we need to click or press on their name. To select any other team we can click or tap them.

Now hit the team you wish to bet on

This will open the betslip on the right, or full screen on mobile. Here we can add our stake using the + and – buttons until we are happy. As we change the stakes the cost goes up and so does the returns. When we are happy we then need to click or tap the yellow “Place Bets” button.

This bet is now placed and confirmed. It will appear in the my bets section of your account.

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How to place different bets – An example

To begin with, let us take a customer called Arjun. He wanted to know how to bet and he has found the Cricketics site to help him on his journey. For many people in India, a popular sport to bet on will be cricket, so we can use this as an example. The sport is enjoyed internationally through test matches as well as the T20 format played in the Indian Premier League.

Arjun has always liked the IPL. He has looked through our list of betting sites available to India customers and has made his choice. Arjun must then sign up to create a new account with them. It is entirely up to Arjun whether or not to claim any welcome bonus offer.

Arjun will then navigate to the cricket menu on his new betting platform. Due to cricket’s popularity, Arjun will have no problem finding it. Nevertheless, all sports are normally listed in a convenient A-Z list or menu. Once Arjun has navigated to the cricket betting market he will then be presented with the many different options and ways to bet. These will be listed by tournaments and up and coming matches. Arjun must then decide what he wants to bet on.

As part of our guide, we would like to promote responsible gambling and Arjun can do this by selecting the odds that appeal the most to him and deciding upon a stake to bet with. Once Arjun has found his bet he then needs to ensure he has adequate funds in his betting account. 

Image showing how to bet india using Betway

Arjun will select the odds next to market which will automatically be added to his betting slip. The slip can be sometimes called other names however they all do the same thing. A bet slip is the betting information that shows exactly what has been chosen, with the odds and what stake is being placed on the bet.

Most betting slips in India will show any potential returns should the bet be successful. Arjun can then choose to add more bets or stick with his single. He will then tap the button displayed to place his bet and wait for the commencement of the cricket match to see if he won or lost. 

Online betting guide

Here is everything you need to know about betting via online websites in Inida.

What is online betting?

Online betting has been around for several years now. Betting companies have created some incredibly powerful and sophisticated platforms allowing people to place bets on their desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. There is also an abundance of betting apps available to download.

Online betting in India is not solely set up for just gambling on sports. Customers can choose to play online casino games, pitting their wits against other players in games such as poker, blackjack and Baccarat to name just a few.

With the option of online poker and slot type games it is clear to see why online betting is a huge industry enjoyed by customers from around the world.

How to bet in India betting sites logos

Choosing a bookmaker

Deciding on how to bet in India will be made by considering several factors. Selecting a bookmaker from a sea of betting sites available online can seem overwhelming. There are many sites offering customers the opportunity to place bets on sports and casino and so what makes them different?

Not all bookmakers offer the same number of ways to bet (betting markets) and not all bookmakers have the same odds, which means any potential returns will be different from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Many betting sites in India will have different offers and bonuses whilst some sites are not even available in India to use.

Customers can select bookmakers depending on who they’re familiar with or which one they think looks and operates the best. We’ve done a lot of the groundwork for you and have found the best betting sites in India. We’ve explained in great detail what is being offered and how to register.

What is a sportsbook?

A sportsbook is a collection of various sports with each having different ways to place bets on them. 

Essentially a sportsbook is a bookmaker or makes some of a betting site as a whole.

Sportsbooks in India differ depending on which betting site has been chosen. Some will offer better odds whilst others will have more ways to bet than others. In India, we like to look for sportsbooks that offer cricket betting however there are many other popular sports offered as well as some lesser-known that are well worth checking out if there’s interest.

What is a sports betting market?

To place a bet, customers need something to be able to pick and choose to decide what they want to wager on. In sports betting terms, these choices are called markets. They can come in many different forms and are often referred to with varying names depending on which sportsbook is being used. 

Cricket sports betting markets comprise of a huge range of options. Customers will be able to bet on what are known as outrights. Outright markets include bets such as choosing tournament winners or match winners. There are many others such as which bowler will take the most wickets or which batsman will hit the most runs.

Other sports betting markets are known as the over / unders. This is where a bookmaker will set a certain figure on a bet and the customer must choose whether to bet higher or lower than that figure. This could include Virat Kohli being set a run figure of 50.5 runs and the bet would be placed on if he achieves more or less that amount.

Betting sites in India also offer in-play betting markets. These are a relatively new concept but are incredibly popular. In-play allows customers to place bets as the action takes place. So as you’re watching the Mumbai Indians play the Chennai Superkings, you can see how the game is going and judge how where the value bets may be. There are literally many thousands of sports betting markets, with some more popular than others.  

How to withdraw Bonus cash

Bonus cash is the offer awarded by betting sites to customers. They are often used on registration as a way to entice new customers to choose them. Bonus cash is sometimes given to certain sports as an incentive to continue betting. These can include free bets or further bonuses that are given to the customer to bet with.

It is easier to describe bonus cash as ‘not real money’. It cannot be withdrawn. Instead, the bonus amount must be wagered using the terms and conditions set by the bookmaker. This might be on a certain betting market, displaying certain odds in a certain time frame. If the bet wins using the bonus amount then the customer is only able to withdraw the win part of the bet and not the stake.

Bonus cash is a great way to bet for free.

How to bet using India betting sites

  1. Decide upon and select a Bookmaker (betting site)
  2. Sign up, register and input any applicable bonus code
  3. Deposit funds into betting account
  4. Choose which sports betting market & find the best value odds
  5. Add the selection to the betslip
  6. Finally, place the bet

To Conclude

We hope you find our how to bet in India guide simple to use. If you follow our step by step guide, customers will hopefully get the best out of their betting site and enjoy the betting experience.

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