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Horse racing is a massive industry and has a huge following, not only in India but worldwide. There are countless meetings and events, where a combination of horses, trainers, jockeys and punters all come together to create an exciting and exhilarating event.

Events worldwide vary in stature. Horse racing is massive in Dubai, where the world cup offers a huge $35 million prize. Saudi Arabia has also realised the demand for horse racing, offering the Saudi Cup to the winner of its race. Japan and Hong Kong have popular meetings, alongside Paris and Australia.

In the UK, the Grand National, Cheltenham and Royal ascot attract huge spectators and have a massive worldwide audience. The USA, not to be outdone, entertains racing fans with the Breeders cup and Kentucky derby.

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Horse racing betting stats guides

How can stats be used for horse racing?

Horse racing is often about form; how well has the jockey and horse fared over recent race meetings. How well does a particular horse perform in certain conditions, such as hard or soft ground and what sort of stamina does a horse have over many furlongs? 

Questions such as these can be answered and gathered to be used to give an indication of how well the horses may race at a certain event.

The data collected, can be analysed against what the betting apps are offering in terms of ways to bet and what odds and returns are likely to be offered.

This is known as a betting strategy. It is quite sophisticated to place bets in such a way and to consistently do this would take a huge amount of effort and persistence, to make the data as up to date as possible and worthwhile.

How do we find our stats and data?

Saving and storing horse racing data is extremely laborious and time-consuming. We recognise that your time is precious and you want to enjoy placing a bet and watching the race. That’s why our service allows you to access our information completely free and at any time.

As avid horse racing fans, we have gained a good working knowledge of the sport. We have a sound understanding of trainers and we have an appreciation of the courses and conditions.

We have numerous methods to find the stats we think are most important. Keeping a track on places in previous races is an obvious method, commonly used. Having a good awareness of form, and the courses can help us give an overall indication for future events.

How can the information be used on horse racing?

Creating a strategy is often bespoke and individual to the punter’s needs.

Stats can aid in making the right decision. It makes sense to bet with knowledge rather than a blind stab in the dark.

When the horse racing betting markets and odds are released by the bookmaker, the information we provide can be used to best judge where the value lies. 

You are free to create your own strategy, using the stats and information to your own requirements. Perhaps you don’t always want to look for a winner, where betting on a place will be more attractive.

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