Cricket Betting Strategies: Which are the best?

Betting on cricket can be an extremely exciting experience. Being the judge of a particular aspect of the game or predicting the outcome of a match or tournament can be very appealing.

Being successful with cricket betting, or any sports betting for that matter, is never one hundred per cent guaranteed. If it was the bookmakers wouldn’t exist.

Disclaimer: Gambling is for over 18s only, there is no sure fire strategy to win money. Do not bet more than you can afford and always gamble responsibly. If you are looking for a strategy try trading it on paper first and see if its profitable before using small stakes to start with.

Cricket betting strategies

Best Strategies

We have checked a tried numerous strategies for our cricket betting and these are our 3 favourites. These all require time and effort to ensure they work for you and possibly tweaking them to make them more suitable for how you bet. You may also find that you can come up with a better strategy by combining these with your own knowledge.

T20/ IPL betting strategies

As you will know from the site T2o cricket is our main focus and we think it is the best form of the game to bet on. The odds move quicker than the longer forms of the game and this gives us many trading options to make a profit from.

early wicket strategy

1 – Early wicket strategy

T20 cricket is fast-paced and not dropping early wickets is key to building a big store. This causes the odds on matches to overreact if the first wicket falls inside the first 5 overs. We can very quickly back the batting team to win at this point and look to cash out a few balls later when the odds have dropped again.

Ideally, you would use Betfair for this but currently, it is not available in India so you have to use another site for this. The cash-out option is available on all the betting sites that we cover and can be utilised for quick trades.

This strategy is for the first team batting only and not one for the chasing innings.

2 – IPL value strategy – pre-match

This strategy is about using your knowledge of the IPL to look for value pre-match. Do not let your emotions make you back your own team!

Here we are looking to build up a picture of a game without looking at the odds. We will consider things such as players and any injuries. We may consider the weather too to make sure they will play a full game.

Once we have an idea of who we think will win we can then think about how close it will be. This will give us a guide to looking for value odds from the bookmakers. We then can check the stats to see if there are any emerging trends we need to be aware of.

Now we can go to our chosen bookmaker to look at the latest IPL odds. We can now find value in odds where we think the team have a greater chance of winning than the bookmakers give them. Over time we would expect to see a profitable return from this.

bonus bagging

3 – Bonus bagging strategy

Bonus bagging is a term referring to claiming multiple new customer free bet offers. In most cases, this gives us an extra free bet at 100% of our first deposit – giving us double the chances of winning. To be successful we need to place sensible bets and remember that with the free bet we do not get the stake back.

This strategy is best used alongside a value strategy. As well as targeting free bets we can look at other player IPL betting offers and see if we can make a profit here too.

For example, if we use the Betway India free bet then we get a 2,500 first bet and then a free bet of 2,500 after that. If we find some value we get two shots at making a profit on the game.

in play strategies for cricket betting

In-Play strategy 

In play, or live betting as it is known by some, offers a wealth of opportunities for betting. In T20 cricket the odds can move with each ball, wickets move them the most but even just a dot ball can create a movement in the odds.

We have a couple of strategies that we like to use for live betting on T20 cricket –

In-play strategy 1 – Early wicket trades

Key requirements we are looking for

  •  A wicket in the first 3 overs ideally, first 5 overs as a maximum
  • The first innings only
  • Not Kohli coming in to bat (he messes with the odds as people are keen to back when he is at the crease)

If we see a wicket early in the match we very quickly back the batting team to win the match. Their odds will come down from this point very quickly and we can then exit for a profit. The risk to this is if another wicket is taken in the next 2-3 balls as this will move the odds against us.

Here we are looking to get in quick and then get out again quickly once the market has settled down. This gives us a low risk as long as we stick to the strategy. When exiting this trade you can either cash out for an equal return or leave a larger amount on the team you are expecting to win.

We are happy to use this strategy twice in any game.

Here is an example of the odds moving in a T20 match. You can see each time a wicket goes there is a spike and then it drops back a little afterwards.

Odds movements after wickets in PSL cricket match

How a cricket betting strategy can increase the chances of finding success

Gambling systems have been around for many years; long before sports betting was even a thing. Punters will always look to find ways of winning and as the years have gone by different formulas have been created.

A cricket betting strategy can be used to try and get more returns on bets placed.

One of the key things for any strategy is discipline. You need to monitor your performance and see how your strategy works. By doing this you can look at where your losses come from and work on ways to reduce them. You can also look at your most profitable bets and work out what trends are behind them and try and do more of those bets.

Creating a spreadsheet can be a good way of keeping track of your bets and can help you along the way. You will then build up a record of the bets and how you are performing. You can watch over a tournament and see how you have performed. You may find that some tournaments are better for you. You may find that different forms of the game suit you better, such as ODIs or test cricket.

Performance indicators to track, our guide

  • Date
  • Format
  • Tournament
  • Weather
  • Pre-match odds
  • Bets places
  • Result
  • Profit or loss
  • Any notes

This will build up an excellent picture of how your strategy is working. It is key to stick to your strategy for a period of time to see how it works. Do not be tempted to just bet randomly if you think you have devised a key strategy to follow. This will only dilute the results and you will not know if this would have worked or not.

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