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Cricket site by cricket fans

Our writers follow cricket around the world and are all fans of the Indian team. We use specialist writers who focus on parts of the world from English Cricket, Subcontinent cricket and an Indian specialist.

Focus on quality

We see so many cricket sites that are just endless articles that are all the same. We focus on quality articles at cricketics rather than quantity of articles. All cricket previews and stats are fully researched and fact-checked.

We are, like you, fans of Indian cricket, the national team and the IPL especially.

We’ve searched high and low for a site that contains excellent cricket stats for people who like to bet. As we could not find what we wanted we decided to get a site together ourselves and provide you with all the stats you need.

We cover the Indian national team games and all the major T20 events from around the world. Over time we will try to add more stats from all international and major cricket leagues around the world. 

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Frequently asked questions

Why are Cricketics different?

The team at cricketics focuses on quality content and informative stats that benefit the reader. We avoid any clickbait headlines and keep adverts to a minimum on the site rather than plastering them over the whole site.

We like to think these are the things that keep us separate from other cricket sites and keeps readers coming back to visit the site.

Who writes the content?

We have a number of content writers who work on the site. If you are reading a post you will find a link to the author where you can find more about them including other places you will find their work as well as any social media channels where you can reach the,. 

Why did you setup

We set up the site after struggling to find a good site that offered cricket betting stats in a nice format. There are many sites out there that cover stats but usually, these are very data-driven and are hard to read and offer no analysis. We try to build stats that make sense and offer value. We always try to add analysis to any data, so you can learn from our experience too. 

Do you accept guest posts?

We do not accept any guest posts, sponsored posts or anyone else who is looking for a link on our site. 

We do accept applications for writers to join the team. If you are interested please contact the social media team with examples of your work. 

Whats next?

We have big plans to make Cricketics the go-to site for Indian cricket betting fans. We are planning to add more stats and data to the site and cover more cricket from around the world. 

We’d love, in the future, to be able to get the views of ex Indian cricketers and have them as regular contributors to the site.

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Meet the team – the quick guide

“I have a good experience of running websites and I have always been a fan of cricket. Most of my writing covers cricket from Australia, New Zealand and the Pakistan Super League.”

Simon Garland
Owner: Editor: Head of content
“I follow and write about all English cricket from the national team to the county championship. I also manage the relationships with the advertising partners on the site.”

Matt Fox
Owner: Head of Advertising: English cricket writer
“I am the head of Indian cricket and cover all the countries matches as well as every IPL match. I am also the lead developer on the site and responsible for the design.”

Arjun Reddy
Head of Indian cricket: Developer:
“We are always looking for new writers for the site. Please contact us if you think you could add value to the team. You will need a specialist area in cricket to be considered .”

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