How to properly deposit and fund your betting account

To be able to place a bet, customers need to have the ability to make financial transactions from their own account to their betting site account. This is referred to as depositing and the money is then used to place a stake on the chosen betting markets.

As the number of betting sites in India grows, the choice of where to bet on cricket and all other sports also increases. Customers are faced with a number of different depositing methods. Not all of the methods are available across all of the betting sites, so choosing a bookmaker can very much depend on which way of depositing funds is suitable and applicable.

All of the betting sites in India will allow some or all of the following methods of depositing. Click on the button, to find out which method and betting site applies;

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How to deposit into Indian betting accounts

UPI betting depositing method


The Unified Payments Interface is possibly one of Indias biggest payment systems. Created for the Indian market, UPI allows instant, real-time monetary transfers, which will appeal to many betting customers.

UPI is very popular, in fact, many users, choose to use UPI for normal everyday transactions when shopping. Betting customers can use UPI in the following ways;

  • Mobile Number – customers register a mobile number that can send or request money.
  • Account number – used in the traditional way of sending money to and from a registered bank account.
  • Aadhaar – A secure transfer using an Aadhaar number.
  • QR code – Send monies scanned through a QR code.
  • Virtual Payment Address – Customers can transfer money to and from a bank account using a VPA.

How to use UPI when betting

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Betting sites that accept the UPI depositing method.

As UPI is one of India’s preferred methods for payment, we have found many betting sites that customers will be able to use to deposit. UPI is fast, reliable and customers can get up and running in no time.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using UPI

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Withdrawals using UPI

A great feature of choosing a betting which accepts UPI is that this payment system allows for withdrawals. If there are withdrawals to be made, this means your bets have been successful!

Upon setting up the payment methods when creating the new betting account, the betting site will know where to transfer the withdrawal to.

To prevent fraudulent activity and peace of mind, the betting site may require you to verify the details and account before allowing any UPI withdrawal to be made.

Skrill betting deposit method in India


Skrill is an online virtual payment system that allows bet deposits to be carried out seamlessly with ease.

Skrill allows multiple currencies meaning Indian customers can use Rupees to deposit into their betting accounts.
Skrill customers can be confident using a safe and secure online wallet. Money transfers can be made to and from the betting account so any potential winnings can be withdrawn.

Skrill customer reviews;

“It’s fast, reliable and trusted. I trust Skrill more than any e-wallet company”.

“It has been a great experience, everything is fast and easy”.

How to use Skrill when betting

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Betting sites, Indian players can access and play using Skrill

If Skrill is the preferred method of making financial transactions, it is worth knowing that it is not accepted by all betting sites.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using Skrill

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Making withdrawals using Skrill

If your bets have won, you’ll no doubt want to make a withdrawal. Using skrill is a completely viable option to make financial transactions to and from the betting sites. The main drawback we see is that there will be extra costs incurred. Any fees are subject to change so we advise users to check the amount.

Using Skrill for withdrawing can be set up when making the new betting account, so ensure this method is chosen when prompted.

How to deposit using PhonePe on Indian betting sites


Created for the Indian market, PhonePe is a digital wallet that allows customers to make financial transactions online. PhonePe uses the UPI system and is very popular, due to the ease with which it can be used.

Many everyday and familiar transactions are carried out using this method, such as online shopping, paying utility bills, and transferring money to other people.

Betting companies have realized the potential to allow new and existing customers the option to allow PhonePe to make deposits to them and have started to allow this method.

How to deposit into betting sites using PhonePe

PhonePe customer reviews

“Excellent, PhonePe is changing my life”.

“Nice, excellent service”.

How to make betting deposits using PhonePe

Any betting site that accepts UPI will also allow PhonePe because it uses the Unified Payments Interface. This is great news for betting customers as it opens up a wider choice of betting sites.

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Betting sites that accept deposits through PhonePe

Remember that any betting site that accepts UPI will allow PhonePe to transfer funds over. PhonePe specific betting accepts available to Indian customers are;

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Advantages and disadvantages of using PhonePe

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Withdrawing your winnings using PhonePe

As a payment method that utilizes UPI, PhonePe can be used to make withdrawals. Ensure the betting site accepts this method when joining.

PhonePe is a fantastic, convenient, and low cost, financial transfer method.

Google pay depositing method for betting sites in India

Google Pay

Google Pay uses UPI to allow money transfers. Google is instantly recognizable and users in India for this payment service are increasing. In fact, 2019 saw a huge increase in its popularity with an estimated 67 million users and in excess of $110 billion in transactions.

The numbers are impressive and are indicative of just how simple and easy the system is to use. Betting companies have started to realise the potential by offering Google Pay as a way to deposit and like most methods, it’s very straightforward.

How to use Google Pay as a betting payment method

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Image of Google Play timeline

Google Pay customer reviews

“Attractive for Android users, but works on ios too”.

“Easy to use, I love it”.

Betting sites that accept Google Pay

Google Pay uses the UPI system, so any gambling site that offers the Unified Payments Interface will accept this. Betting sites that offer Google Pay as a specific option are;

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Advantages and disadvantages of using Google Pay

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Withdrawing with Google Pay

As Google Pay uses the UPI system, withdrawals can be made. Players should ensure this is set up when creating the betting account.

Even though Google Pay is a safe, secure, and popular payment system, not all betting sites accept it. Be sure to sign up to a site that does.

Neteller depositing method


Neteller has been providing a secure online payment service since 1999, making it a well established and trusted e-wallet. The company offers several financial products;

  • Digital wallet
  • Prepaid card
  • Payment gateway
  • PSP

Neteller has long been used by online gambling customers. The ease in which secure payments can be made to and from betting sites make it an ideal option for crediting betting accounts or withdrawing potential winnings.

image of neteller payment

How do betting customers deposit rupees with Neteller?

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Neteller customer feedback

“I havent had any problems. Transactions are fast and easy”.

“Whenever I have had troubles I can call support and get help everytime”.

Betting sites where Neteller can be used.

Neteller has long been established, especially with gambling and gaming websites. Most, if not all betting platforms will accept Neteller. Here are our favourite sites where Neteller can be used to make deposits.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using Neteller

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Making withdrawals with Neteller

Neteller is an e-wallet, which means financial transactions can be speedy, whilst being secure.

Neteller is a completely viable option for withdrawals, however, if this is the chosen method, be sure to understand that a transaction fee will be incurred.

To withdraw funds using Neteller, choose this option when prompted in the betting site account. The money will be transferred.

Astro pay depositing method


A great option for betting customers to deposit funds into their betting account is by using an AstroPay card.

AstroPay is seen as quick and convenient, which allows for easy betting deposits, especially when on the move. The only drawback betting customers will find is that AstroPay doesn’t allow for withdrawals, so another means of financial transaction will need to be found. Nevertheless, if simplicity is wanted in a depositing method, then look no further.

AstroPay depositing option

How to use AstroPay to make betting deposits.

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AstroPay user reviews

“Customer support replied to all my queries promptly and supported in an excellent way”.

“They are just perfect, deposits are almost Instant”.

Betting sites that accept AstroPay for deposits

Surprisingly there are many gambling sites in India that allow users to choose AstroPay when making deposits. Although this is a great method, players should remember that withdrawals cannot be made. You can choose from the following;

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Advantages and disadvantages of using AstroPay

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Making withdrawals using AstroPay

As a payment system only, AstroPay will not allow customers to withdraw from their betting account. Although an excellent depositing method, customers should ensure they have a way of withdrawing funds as well.

paytm depositing method


A great depositing option for Indian players is Paytm. Although it now serves customers worldwide, the Indian company can be used through a variety of betting sites and offers a choice of products.

  • Payment systems
  • Digital wallets
  • Mobile Payments
  • Banking
  • Online shopping

Paytm is used by millions of people worldwide, making it a trusted method of dealing with monetary transactions. A real plus point of using the Paytm system is that it requires no bank account.

use Paytm to deposit betting funds

How to deposit funds into your betting account using Paytm

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Paytm user reviews

“Best all in one app, everything is all in one place”.

“Highly recommend, easy to use and very quick”.

Indian betting sites with Paytm as a depositing option

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Advantages and disadvantages of using Paytm

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Using Paytm to make withdrawals

Paytm is great for Indian betting players to make financial transactions. In fact, it is very popular.

Players should ensure this option is chosen within the betting account details.

The main flaw with using Paytm to withdraw funds is that there can be a costly transaction fee. Nevertheless the safety and ease with using Paytm, players may forgive the fees, whilst they are receiving a trustworthy service.

Online bank transfer depositing method

Online Banking/ IMPS

Perhaps the most traditional and familiar method of making any sort of payment is through online banking. As simplicity goes, online banking depositing methods are as easy as any other way, and Indian betting sites are increasingly offering this type of money transfer.

Online banking is the loose term for any online transaction and is sometimes referred to as net banking. In a nutshell, it is sending money from one account to another using the internet.

image of how to deposit using online banking through betting sites

How to deposit using online/net banking

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Betting sites that allow online and net banking depositing methods.

Betting sites in India have certainly found ways to make deposits much easier. We have found the following sites which allow users to deposit using online banking.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using online banking

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Withdrawing funds using online banking

As simplicity goes, withdrawing any betting wins using online banking is as good as it gets. The system is convenient and secure.

Betting customers should choose this option within their betting. A potential issue can be that accounts are often verified which can hold the transaction up.

Tips on keeping your betting deposits safe and secure

depositing methods in India for betting

Making any sort of financial transaction online is usually fast and convenient. Many things are paid for online and it is fast becoming the normal, go-to way of paying for everyday items.

The betting sites we cover and all of the above payment methods use a variety of software to help keep their systems safe and their customers happy. We make sure we only feature site with this level of security.

Fraudsters will always try and find ways to access accounts, so it is important to keep any personal details and financial information as secure as possible.

Most, if not all of the depositing methods use sophisticated and encrypted software to protect the information, making it extremely difficult to hack. Nevertheless betting customers and players in India, looking to make deposits can protect themselves by following some simple guides.

  • Use common sense – Don’t leave any personal account numbers or account balances in plain view of anyone else. Make sure all bank cards are kept secure and all smart devices have lock screens and do not tell anyone else your passwords.
  • Keep your devices up to date – Make sure any smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers are running the latest version. This will ensure your browsers are up to date and using any new technology from the chosen sites.
  •  Know and understand your accounts – Make sure you know how much money is in any account. Be aware of all of your transactions. This will help identify any suspicious account activity that can be stopped immediately.
  • Passwords – Although they can be convenient, weak passwords are easy to hack. Stronger passwords will add even more security to your depositing and payment method.
  • Consider account authentication – A two-step process that can verify you are the person requesting the financial transaction should take place.
  • Sign out – People often share devices. Keep your details safe by signing out of any payment method or betting account when not in use.