Badminton Betting Guide

Badminton is a game that has descended from the game of shuttlecock that originated in Greece almost 2,000 years ago, however, it is now a sport that is popular in India, with many of its current rules coming from India.

The game become popular during the early 19th century, where tournaments would be played by British Army Offices and so, a love of Badminton has grown from there. This now means that Badminton is a sport that is bet on in India and one that many people enjoy taking part in and watching.

While it is not one of the most popular sports in the world, there are still many elements to it and that can make betting on Badminton exciting and rewarding for bettors in India. Unlike other sports, there are not many well-known leagues that attract millions of fans or viewers and that can often mean that it disappears into obscurity although when it comes to betting, there is a lot to get excited about.

Badminton betting sites - where to bet

How To Bet On Badminton

If you want to place a bet on a Badminton game here we have a simple step by step guide.

Step 1 – Open an account

To place an online bet on Badminton you will need to have a betting account setup. In India our recommended bookmaker is Bet Rally, you can sign up for an account below.

Click here to join 10Cric and get up to 7,500 INR free

Navigate around the site and you will see the instructions on how to deposit using IMPS. This is the easiest way to deposit and makes sure that you can get the 10 Cric free bet – full details here.

Step 2 – Find the Badminton markets.

Once you have an account and have deposited it is then time to get your badminton bet on. I’m assuming that you already know what you want to bet on. Go to the home page and then click on Badminton as shown in the arrow below.

How to find badminton markets on BetRally

You will now find the daily match lists that look like this, with all today’s games to bet on. As shown below

Full markets and coupons

Step 3 – Place your bet

For my first bet, I’m going to place a single bet on Duc Phat Le to beat Lim Chi Wing in the Vietnam open event.

Placing a single bet on Badminton

On 10cric I head over to the badminton tab and find the game I want – In this case it’s in the feed for today’s games. I then click or tap, the player’s name with the odds (23/10) underneath and this adds the bet to my bet slip as shown on the right above.

You can now add the stake as the amount you’d like to bet in the white box and this will show in green under “return” what you can expect to win. Now tap the green “place bets” button and your bet will be placed.

Step 4 – How to place multiple/ accumulator bets

If you want to add more results and build bigger odds then you can do so by just tapping on other players you want to win as mentioned above. This will then look like this –

How to palce a double- accumulator bet on Badminton

I now have 2 players in green and a “double” bet in the betslip. Again I select my stake and then tap place bets to place.

Badminton Betting Events

Bookmakers in India have a focus on badminton, albeit, on a smaller scale than that of other sports such as Cricket or Football. However, there are events that occur that are of importance to bettors and bookmakers alike. When it comes to badminton, there are the Olympic badminton events that occur every four years but there is also the World Championship and the BWF Super Series, offering bettors, plenty of opportunities to bet on this exciting sport.

For those who like to bet on Badminton, then there is a chance that they will have knowledge on the game and so, bookmakers will offer schedules as well as the names of players who are participating along with their odds of winning or losing. For those who have an interest in the sport, they can analyse results and form in order for them to make the best bets and increase their chances of winning big.

So, when it comes to badminton, many fans of the sport in India wait for big events to come around on an annual basis, where they can bet on the many different outcomes of each game. As well as 10cric, as shown above, it is worth checking out the 1xBet India free bet if you are looking to join an online betting company.

Badminton Markets

Olympics – This is where the best badminton players in the world will showcase their skills although it has only been an Olympic sport since 1992. The whole world watches the Olympics and that can make betting on this sport during the Olympics an exciting experience.

BWF Super Series – As far as Badminton goes, this is one of the most anticipated events in the calendar and it provides bettors in India with the chance to bet on familiar players and enjoy the different odds that bookmakers offer.

Super Series – This is is another annual event and another that brings out some of the best badminton players in the world. There is big prize money on offer here and so, the bookmakers ensure that bettors in India can take their chance by offering a range of options.

World Championships -Finally, this is an annual event that is highly recognised and one that bookmakers in India take an interest in.

Badminton is not one of the most popular sports in India but for those who have a real interest in the sport, they can use their knowledge and place the appropriate bets based on their knowledge while improving their chances of good returns.

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