9 tips to help your in play cricket betting

Here’s everything you need to know about betting on cricket in play.

On some sites, in-play is referred to as “live betting”

In-play betting is a good way to bet on cricket and there are numerous matches from around the world you can bet on. Most major bookmakers offer this form of betting on hundreds of matches and events every year.

Live cricket betting tips & guide

#1 What is live cricket betting?

Live cricket betting is placing bets on cricket once the match has started. These are bets placed while the match is being played. This is sometimes referred to as “In play cricket betting”.

Cricket is well covered by the betting sites and one of the most popular ways to place bets is whilst the games and matches are being played live. This is referred to as in-play cricket betting or live betting. The bookmakers offer betting markets in real-time, so as the action unfolds the odds and ways to bet follow.

The odds will move as the game changes and this is where we can find some extra value. By picking the timing we place the bet we can possibly get better odds and higher returns.

#2 Get to know the game

If you are a cricket fan looking to place any sort of bet, we recommend that you start to follow the game closely. To increase your chances of placing successful bets, it goes without saying that the more knowledge a punter has on cricket the better the value can be found on the markets that are offered.

Within live betting watching the match is essential, or at least keeping up with the action. This means we can see how the game is going and be accordingly using our knowledge.

The larger events have more options. If you are wathing the IPL you ill find the most options. If you wer watching a game from New Zelands Super Smash then there may only be 3 or 4 markets live. 

#3 Select the right cricket betting site

Choosing a betting site can often seem difficult. In India, the laws can seem unclear. 

Each betting customer is different and will have varying requirements. Some will insist on high odds, regardless of usability whilst others will look for a bookmaker that has ongoing promotions and offers.

Not all live cricket betting facilities are the same. Some betting sites really ‘go to town on their in-play platform and offer unrivalled service, whilst others seem to put less effort into it. 

Here is an example of how to place a live bet on a Big Bash T20 game on Indian bookmaker 10Cric.

Head to the live tab on the website to see the available games at any time –

Where to find live cricket betting

As 10 cric is cricket focused, cricket is always the first tab. Here we have two games to pick from, the Big Bash game and an under 19s World Cup match. You can see the latest scores from each game here too.

Then you need to tap into the game you want to bet on, for this example, it’s the Perth Scorchers v Sydney Thunder. Once we have tapped we get the match view –

In play betting on a live cricket match

Here we can see the available markets on offer. Here we can tap on the odds we wish to bet on. As this game was almost over there were only two markets to bet on.

In a T20 match, you will usually get the following markets on offer at various times of the games.

  • Match winner
  • Over score
  • Next wicket
  • Player batting markets – will the players in getting under/ over a set amount of runs
  • When will the fall of the next wicket be
  • The total score, under or over

See the full guide to cricket betting sites here

#4 Stick to the major events like the IPL

image of the IPL logo

Once the tournament starts the bookmakers that offer IPL betting markets will update to include in-play markets. This will be available as soon as the first ball is bowled. 

Live betting will cover all of the matches from the roll of the bat, the final ball of the match. With the pace of the IPL, you will need to be quick and ready to bet! 

Live betting on cricket, in India, is also available for many of the biggest and best cricket tournaments from around the world, including the Big Bash in Australia, the T20 Blast in England as well as test matches, the Ashes and many of the ODI’s we all love to watch. All India’s international matches will have this form of betting available too. 

#5 Remember odds move

Due to the nature of cricket matches, especially T20s, the odds will change on every ball depending on what happens. Runs will be scored, wickets will fall, catches will be made and boundaries will be reached. As this happens the betting markets will follow to run alongside the live game. This means that the odds on offer will change.

They will sometimes increase sharply and then fall away again. Understanding this will allow you; the punter, to judge where the best value is. Before placing your first bet it is a good idea to watch the odds o a couple of matches from your betting account in order to gain an understanding of what is happening and how this changes the odds.

Placing a bet usually leads to a 7 or 9-second delay until your bet is placed. Sometimes the odds will move in this time and you will need to accept the new odds and try and place the bet again or cancel the bet if you don’t like the newer odds. If you are betting ball by ball you will need to be quick to get your bets on. There is more time between innings and drinks breaks to make your decisions.

#6 Try a cricket betting strategy

Strategies come in all different forms. Some will aim to take into account any potential losses, whilst others are solely created based on team or player form and recent results.

in play cricket betting and image of Rohit Sharma

Whatever cricket strategy is being used it is wise to appreciate that no system is foolproof. If there was a guaranteed strategy, the bookmakers would cease to exist. Nevertheless, as mentioned, the more knowledge that is acquired, the better the strategy will be.   

See the full guide to betting strategies here

#7 Use the cash out facility

Live betting is perfectly suited to what is known as cashing out a bet. This facility, which is not entirely universal but offered by many of the bigger bookmakers, is the ability to take some of the potential returns. 

For example, if a bet is placed on an Indian Premier League match and as the match is being played the customer deems the bet will likely lose. The betting site may offer a small return, rather than the whole amount.

It is up to the customer to decide if this amount is worthy of cashing out and taking there and then or leaving the in-play bet to conclude and see if it will win. Betway sports offer cash out on most markets. 

If you are planning to cash out your bets make sure the market will have the option before placing the bet. This is usually identified by a small cash-out logo on the market. Match winners market usually have this option.

#8 Use live betting stats

Using cricket stats we can look at trends and averages to see how a game is going. We can bet on the next wicket or who will win the game based on what we have seen.

You can get a full stats view of most games on Betway India, you need to head to the site and go to the match you want to see. If the game is live you will see the below in match view –

Match view for cricket betting in match

The first view you see is the live view showing what is going on in the game currently. This shows who is bowling and batting and the latest scores at the top. Under the batter, you will see their name, current score, and (balls faced). Under that on the right-hand side, you see the number of balls remaining and the runs required. In the first innings or a test, you will see the number of overs bowled so far here.

On the left-hand side, you have the current over in the circles, white for runs and red for a wicket.  In the middle at the bottom you get the last three overs as a view, this helps us get a view of how the game is going recently.

Across the top, you can tab for other information. Starting with the graph icon which gives you this view

Score graphs

Next to that, you have the following –

  • Full scorecard for the match
  • Live text commentary
  • Latest wickets to fall

This is a great way to keep an eye on the match if you are unable to watch it. Identifying when to bet is a key trick to in-play betting on all sports and not just cricket.

We have our own stats for all of the major T20 events from around the world, you can see our IPL Stats here.

#9 Always gamble responsibly

Here at cricketics, we are very much advocates for gambling responsibly. This means enjoying placing bets, but knowing one’s own limits. Only bet what can be afforded to lose and carefully selecting the betting markets will make for a better experience.

In-play cricket betting, especially on the IPL can be very fast. The game is played out quickly and the markets and odds follow. Emotions can run high and frustrations can take over common sense.

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