Cricket Betting: The Ultimate Guide

Cricket betting in India is hugely popular but with so much to learn where do you start?

The Cricketics team has you covered with the ultimate guide on how to bet on cricket! You’ll find everything you need you know on our site as well as the best offers and latest betting tips! 

What you will find on our guide

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We love T20 cricket and we want to enable you to explore your passion for it by offering the very best in cricket betting. This means that you can enjoy the wonders of T20 cricket in India on a whole new level. Under those floodlights, you’ll be able to almost smell the leather on the ball and feel every shot, we bring the infectious nature of cricket to life and allow you to explore it in all its glory. There is more to Indian T20 cricket than bright kits and sublime skill because betting on your favourite sport can add even more excitement. Whether you support the Mumbai Indians, love the Delhi capitals or have an interest in the game as a whole, you can be sure that you’re going to love everything about betting on the latest games.

Varied Betting Options

We understand the importance of variety and so, while you’re hanging on to every bowl or six, you can indulge in a wide range of pre-game and in-play markets that offer some of the most competitive cricket odds out there. 

Utilising our knowledge on all things betting related, we have the scope to offer all the features that you need to make betting on cricket more exciting than ever before. When we bring together the most competitive cricket odds and give you the control to bet when you want, you can transform the way in which you watch your favourite sport. So, whether you’re looking to add a twist to your cricket experience or you want to pick a simple IPL winner, we’re the perfect pick for you.

The Indian Premier League is the most popular domestic league in the world and that’s why betting is big business. With the teams competing against each other and some of the biggest names in the world of cricket putting their skills to the test by pulling on the jerseys of these stellar teams, you’re going to want to take advantage of the best odds out there.

We aim to offer you the most competitive IPL odds and we’re as passionate about cricket as you are. So, we do all we can to bring you some of the best odds available. Whether you’re looking to bet on pre-match winners, bet on the number of runs in each over or the total number of fours or sixes, we have got you covered. In fact, you can bet as the game is being played too, giving you a unique experience and an alternative way to enjoy the wonders that T20 cricket in India has to offer.

Selecting the right betting site

Finding a betting site for cricket

When it comes to betting on T20 cricket in India, you need to make sure that you find the best betting sites. With so many to choose from, you might feel as though it is difficult to make a decision but we make sure it isn’t that way.

We dedicate time to ensure that you have access to the right betting sites and because we understand that everyone has different needs, we make sure that we cover all bases, which means we won’t leave you stumped. So, if you want to enhance the excitement of watching your favourite sport and have a vast range of options then we make sure that we offer something for you.

All The Major Players

Available betting sites for customers in

We are passionate about providing the latest betting players in the market, giving you the scope to make informed choices and benefit from the latest competitive IPL odds. Therefore, we make sure that we give you instant access to some of the best betting odds out there. 

From different markets and different odds, we make sure everything is clear because we understand the importance of ensuring you spend your money wisely and increase your chances of winning big prizes. All of the top betting sites will give you a wide range of choices because they understand how much customers want variety. So whether you’re looking to bet on the total number of fours or sixes or the runs in an over or even betting pre-match on match winners, we have got you covered.

We make sure that all of the betting sites we offer are safe and secure, making sure all of your personal data is stored securely, providing peace of mind. This means that you can get on with following the live games while checking out sites for the latest odds currently available. 

What Do Betting Sites Offer?

With betting sites all fighting for your custom, you can expect some superb deals straight off the bat! This means that when it comes to finding the best odds our team of experts ensure that we always offer the best sites which means you get the best odds.

You can expect a range of offers. You can expect a huge selection of betting markets and the most competitive IPL odds currently out there. 

What this means is that we will become your go-to site to source the best offers currently available. We are committed to working with the best betting sites out there because we understand the importance of ensuring you have the latest and greatest offs. So, we take care of the hard work, giving you the chance to visit our website and place bets the easy way.

So, if you love T20 cricket in India, you are going to love our betting options that are ready-made for you. What’s more, you’ll also have access to betting tips giving you the opportunity to benefit from our expert knowledge on all things cricket!

T20 Cricket Betting Stats

When it comes to cricket betting stats, we all want to benefit from the latest stats to help us make better choices when it comes to betting on our favourite IPL teams. What we offer is access to all of the cricket betting info you need when you need it.

We make sure that you never have to make decisions alone because our experts are always scouring the web for the latest and greatest odds across a range of markets. You might love cricket but to get the most from cricket betting requires you to understand the latest stats and trends. All of this vital information can help you to make informed decisions that really make a difference to your chances of winning big money.

A Range of Stats and Trends

With different bookmakers to choose from, it’ll mean that you have access to the wider market which means more choice. However, if you are looking for valuable information then it’s time to consider stats and trends.

Stats and trends are all based on the current performances of teams and players. Whether teams are on a losing streak or a player is hitting runs for fun then this kind of information is going to help you make a decision when it comes to betting. Is that poor run of form going to come to an end in their next game? Is their superstar batsman who has been struggling with poor form going to break records again? Are last season’s champions going to do it again?

All of these stats and trends are vital and they help to determine whether you pick the right odds and give yourself the best chance of winning big. 

As we use some of the best bookmakers out there, we guarantee that you will get the fairest odds out there. Across a wealth of markets, you can use trends and stats to make better choices and decisions. 

Maybe the new player is going to shine and show the crowd and his opponents what he is all about. What about the fast bowler who is really on form, is he going to do it again or is an upset on the cards when top of the league play bottom of the league?

Keeping ahead of the latest trends will put you one step ahead of the odds and will enable you to strike when the best odds are released. As our odds are offered in real-time, we make it possible for you to take advantage of our expertise and commitment to ensuring you benefit every single time. 

Cricket betting is hugely exciting and when you have access to crucial information, stats and trends, you’ll feel like a part of the game and a true insider! Our experts are always working behind the scenes which means that we always put your needs first.

IPL Betting

The IPL is the most exciting cricket league in the world and with some of the best players battling it out against each other, there is no denying it’s a great watch! However, if you’re looking to enjoy every shot, every catch or bowl then we have got the best odds for you.

Betting on the IPL is one way of adding a new element of excitement to an already exciting game! If you want to take your passion to the next level then now is the time to start betting on this amazing league. The bright lights of T20 cricket await you and with that comes top odds and great opportunities to win big if you make the right bets! Betting on the IPL couldn’t be easier with so many bookmakers fighting to grab your attention with big offers and odds. 

IPL Stats

IPL stats

Of course, we don’t expect you to part with your cash without being armed by the latest information. With so many games on offer and many different markets, we want to help you enjoy the experience of betting on the IPL. So, we might offer you the best odds with bookmakers but we also provide you with inside knowledge that comes directly from our experts. 

We work hard to help you make informed decisions. Where’s the fun in placing bets without being able to decide what markets or odds to choose from?

So, we give you the scope to choose from the latest games based on current form, previous form and even missing players. How about the big hitter who makes runs for fun? Is he going to continue eating up sixes without breaking a sweat? Is the underdog going to step up and beat the favourites?

There are so many different stats to choose from that you really can immerse yourself in the entire experience and become a professional statistician yourself! You’ll be impressed at the amount of work we put into making sure you have every drop of information at your fingertips. 

Finding The Best IPL Odds

We make sure that you can always find the best IPL odds without the need to look anywhere else. Don’t waste time looking at different bookmakers and different websites, come to us and we will take care of you. We have links to all of the top bookmakers and we work with them to bring you the best odds. So, whether you like to bet big or like to make the odd bet here and there, we have got you covered. 

Choose your market and your odds and your good to go. Our odds are regularly updated which means that you always have your finger on the pulse. You can trust us because we really are the IPL cricket experts. Just like you, we can almost smell the leather and the willow because we’re leading from the front when it comes to providing the best IPL odds.

Cricket Betting Promotions

With us, you’re in safe hands which means that we will never miss a catch and neither will you!

Our goal will never change and that means that we will always do whatever we can to bring you all the hot odds to ensure that you can enjoy everything about betting on the IPL. We are experts in all things cricket betting and that’s why so many people put their trust in us to help them access odds that transform the way in which they enjoy cricket.

Of course, we don’t just bring you top odds from a range of bookmakers across a variety of markets because we go one further. When it comes to promotions, we never get caught out because we are always bringing you the newest offers, allowing you to benefit even more!

Finding the best promotions

The internet is vast and there might be many different promotions out there but why spend time looking in all the wrong places! In fact, why bother looking anywhere else other than here?

With the IPL gripping the entire world and its cricket fans, now is the time to add an element of excitement to the sport by taking advantage of cricket promotions that offer so much more. With more markets, lines coverage and offers than ever before, we simplify the process and ensure you can make the right decision when it comes to betting

The great thing about cricket betting is that it’s big business for top bookmakers. What this means for you is that they are going to do all that they can to get your attention. So, get ready for some top promotions because you can boost your winnings, get cash for signing up and more, all of which is taken care of by us!

Betting offers and promotions

Here are some of the latest offers

  1. Betway ₹2,500 bonus
  2. 1xBet ₹10,000 bonus
  3. 22bet ₹10,000 bonus

Taking Advantage of the Best Promotions

Finding promotions is one thing but using them is another. We’re with you every step of the way, helping you to make use of these promotions and win big. So, with so many bookmakers looking to take care of you, why not understand how to use them?

These promotions can take many different forms but you can benefit from getting free cash when you sign up and begin betting on the IPL. This can include free bets through the week, Cricket In play insurance where they pay a certain percentage back on losses and even money back in some cases.

So, you can choose to take advantage of one, some or all of these promotions when we make them available to you. What’s more, these promotions change daily and weekly which means that you should always come back to find out what the latest offers are. 

Keep things exciting and get cash for almost nothing by picking the best

promotions out there. Cricket and the IPL is an already exciting sport but when you add promotions into the mix, it takes things to a whole new level!

Finding The Best Cricket Betting Tips

The game of cricket is hugely entertaining and when you throw the IPL into the mix it takes on a completely new identity. It’s exciting, action-packed and with some of the best teams and players going head to head, it’s difficult not to be consumed with the outcomes or possibilities!

If you are looking to explore the exciting world of cricket betting then it helps to have access to the latest tips and expert inside information. We love cricket and everything about the sport and so, we want to match your passion for the game by allowing you to explore the best cricket betting tips. 

The bright lights and bright kits of the IPL reach around the globe and that’s why we cover the latest betting tips, helping you to make informed decisions about the bets you make. 

Enhance Your Chances of Winning

We have a team of experts on the case when it comes to the latest betting tips. They’re not just experts but they are also cricket enthusiasts which means that they have no problem digging into all of the information and data that’s readily available to them. 

Furthermore, we do all the groundwork, leaving you to choose your markets and make your bets with ease. It couldn’t be any easier.

There are so many factors that contribute to making the right bets. To cover all of this alone is time-consuming which is why we have specialists on the job. There is nothing about cricket that they do not know which means that you can have confidence in the betting tips that they provide.

From analysing player performances, runs, catches and wickets as well as team performances and likely starting line-ups, there is a whole host of information just waiting for you.

Make the Right Bets

Where is the fun in making bets that are ill-informed? You want the best chance to win big and we’re there with you. With a range of markets to cover including pre-game and in-play as well as competitive odds, it’s about time you had the chance to make the right choice!

So, whether you’re looking to bet on the number of sixes or fours a player makes, who is likely to win or who could be crowned overall champions, our betting tips have you covered. 

Of course, the world of cricket is constantly changing and the odds on favourites today could be the odds on favourites to lose tomorrow. With constant changes and reports coming in thick and fast, you can kick back and let us take care of sifting through all the latest news to bring you tips that let you get the most from your betting experience.

So, it’s time to indulge in our expert knowledge, put it to the test and discover the best odds currently available. With all of this at your fingertips, once you pick the winning bet, you’ll soon be screaming “Owzat!”

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